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You’ve been Flamingoed!

Imagine my perplexity the day I got home from high school to find our family’s front yard overflowing with a flamboyance of pink plastic flamingos.  (Yes, “flamboyance” really is a collective noun for a butt-load of flamingos. I looked it up.)

This is way out of my mother’s usual decorating-range.  If SHE had put the flamingos here, they’d be sporting seasonally coordinated ribbons (pumpkins for October, shamrocks for March) to match the month.  Nope, no seasonal touches–so Where The Flock did these birds come from?

I found the explanatory note pinned to our front door, beginning with a statement of the obvious: “You’ve been Flamingoed!”  Turns out this was a creative fund-raiser for a local church; the note gave the number we could call to have the flamingos removed–OR, for a donation, WE could select the flamingos’ next port-of-call.  [Insert mischievous chuckle here.]  The flamingos magically migrated every few days to a new yard in town, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much good humor in people being asked for money.  In fact, those outrageous birds created a fun sense of community, as all of us “in the know” got a giggle with each relocation. I don’t remember to which church the flock actually belonged, but I know they landed in the yards of Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish families before they retired, presumably to warmer climes than our northern Idaho hometown.

I was thinking today about this fantastic “community” we have online…  I started playing with WordPress last month just because I’d been asked to do a WordPress freelance job (which I accepted without ever having used the site, figuring I’d figure it out. Ta-da.) and honestly believed I’d have exactly three readers: Husband, Mom, and Dad.  Instead, I’ve been blessed with a whole new “family” online–and I spend WAY more time reading other people’s blogs than I do playing with my own.  There’s a fantastic store of humor, wisdom, and insight out there, on whatever topic I’m in the mood to browse!

I got to thinking it would be fun to “flamingo” some folks whose blogs I especially enjoy (minus the “donation,” I mean–just some fanciful, flamingofied recognition), though I haven’t even begun to narrow down that list of blogs to a flamingo-able number!  And that thought led me, in turn, to thinking about that great community-building aspect of blogging, namely, when we read and comment in each other’s little blog-worlds.

So today I’d like to thank some of the folks who have made my blogging so much more enjoyable by participating along with me, the people who have added meaning to my day by sharing their own thoughts on my goofy little posts here.  Once again, it’s a long list, and I appreciate ALL the comments and comment-writers, but for today I’m going to say to the following bloggers: YOU’VE BEEN FLAMINGOED!

I’d love to see the flamingos get “passed along” virtually, as they were passed among the front yards of my hometown–and I have confidence in my readers’ sense of fun.  ;)  So please feel free to tell the story, stick this flamingo on your blog, or do something else with Flamingoey Fun to celebrate my THANKS to you for being part of my blogging community.  To all of you reading today: why not Flamingo your own appreciated readers?  We’ll be “Ground Zero” of the Flamingo Phenomenon…  ;)

flamingo KanaTyler


I am... a writer, an explorer, a coffee-drinker, a recovering addict, a barefoot linguist, a book-dragon ("bookworm" doesn't cover it), a raconteur, a sailboat skipper, a research diver, a tattooed scholar, a pirate, a poet, a spiritual adventurer, a photographer, a few kinds-of-crazy, a joyful wife, a mom... a list-maker! :)

41 thoughts on “You’ve been Flamingoed!

  1. hahaha, when I read the beginning of the blog about the flamingoes in the yard I thought, “that sounds like Louisiana!” Some people down here have flamingoes in their yard all year round!
    That’s neat to share other people’s blog on your site!


  2. That is the most ingeniously awesome fundraiser I have ever heard of! I live in Brooklyn, where people don’t have yards, or I’d be instituting it at any and all organizations that would accept my help toute suite! And “flamboyance of flamingos”– another gift you’ve given me today! Thank you!


  3. YAY!!! I’ve been flamingoed! How fun is that! I have been enjoying every word of your blog and I’m thrilled that you have graced me with your flamingoing! (insert butt wiggling giggle here)

    I’ll be sure to pass it along, Kana. I’m also going to see who you’ve been reading. Fun!


  4. I was looking through a list of fundraiser ideas and found that one awhile back. A short time later another church in town actually did it and I’d see flamingos in neighbors yards on my drive home. Not usually a lot of flamingos in Arizona. Great idea, flamingoeing blogs that way.


  5. Thanks for the recognition of the writing community as a whole. I have never known a more supportive and friendly group of people–particularly since we are all competing for a slot on the publishing lists.

    This sense of paying it forward really deserves its own recognition. And what is more beautiful than your own flamingo stamp.

    Your talent is amazing.


  6. Love this idea!!! Building community anywhere we can counts for something! I think I will do this as well. You know it’s funny cause you are the only one that has subscribed to my blog that it isn’t family….so maybe I am on my way to actually getting read and commented on!!


  7. Mahalo Sista Kana! Sometimes it just takes a few words to make one feel right at home and you do that very well……today’s Island food dream is Laulau! :)) Yep, I will send some of your flamingos on to others too!!


  8. I was thinking first someone had a baby..don’t things get stuck in your yard for having babies..oh wait that’s probably storks.. ah non the less great post and great idea ;)


  9. Great post Kana. You have a very humorous way of telling the story of being flamingoed. That is really wonderful. I wonder if the church leaders thought that flamingoing people for their fundraiser would be as funny as it seemed. Take care.


  10. A “flamboyance of flamingos”! What a wonderful phrase and what a great idea for a fundraiser!

    I agree; I love the sense of community amongst bloggers. Thanks for visiting my blog awhile back and for becoming a follower. I haven’t posted as often as usual lately but I’ll be back soon!


  11. A flamboyance of flamingos is fabulously fanciful! I am astonished at how many ways concrete life can be transformed into virtual equivalents…you are taking creativity to another height with both the concept and your spectacular art. Thank you for all you are…


  12. How cute! I flocked my darling wife’s front yard for her 50th birthday. She woke up early and went out to chat with the man as he set up the flamingos, ruining the surprise, but she loved it anyway.


    1. I’m honored, thank you!! :) I claimed this morning to have too long a list of oft-enjoyed blogs to choose favorites, but I guess I’ll have to take on the challenge after all… Tune in tomorrow! ;)


  13. I’m flattered that you decided to subscribe to my blog and even more so having perused the pages of yours for the past hour or so. Thank you sincerely for stopping by and reading what I have to say, and thank you a hundred times more for sharing your words with the rest of us. You’re an extraordinary writer, and the snapshots of your life in these blogs are vibrant and full of life. I look forward to being a part of your writing community. :)


  14. That is seriously the best fundraiser idea ever! And now my marketing mind immediately starts thinking of ways I could do something like that…

    But as for the real purpose of the post, I agree that community is a great thing. I’m still a bit new to wordpress, so I’m hoping that before too long, I’ll be a part of such a community!


  15. This is just brilliant! Thank you for flamingoe-ing me :) So sweet. I will be sure and use the flamingo in an upcoming post in the next few weeks, it will then be world-wide viral and you can know you started it all! I do agree with you also, I have really found some great people from all different walks of life whose charechter, ethics, morals and loves are so much like my own that we feel a little bit like family! So thank you again to my blog-sister and we’ll continue to love and learn from each other and our own-world experiences! x


  16. Thanks, Kana! This is such a wonderful way to spread the love, as it were. However, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the concept that someone somewhere in Idaho sells pink flamingos!


  17. You sent my blog world into such a (relative) tailspin yesterday that I forgot to actually comment on your post and say thank you! It’s not all about the numbers, but I’m still grateful that my blog is lighting up a little like a Christmas tree. Recognizing comments and followers was a great idea. Also, I’d never heard of the fundraiser, but what a great way to celebrate community and raise some funds :)


  18. I found your blog through An Observant Mind. I laughed like crazy, was humbled at your beautiful writing, and found myself idly wondering which stores here in Finland might possibly stock a giant pink plastic flamingo or two (a flamboyance of them, even!)
    Thanks for the links to some truly terrific blogs.


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