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A Day of Dragons, with Chocolate Pi

Got Readers?

It’s been a day of Dragons in our household.  Christian’s long-anticipated pre-order of Christopher Paolini’s “Inheritance” arrived (as did his invisible Dragon-friend’s pre-order, a book which apparently features small dragons who ride people)… nicely timed with a released update to his favorite DragonVale game on Mom’s iPad, and arrival of the movie “Eragon” from Netflix (at his request–though he still grumbles about details the movie “got wrong”)…

We spent the rainy afternoon cuddled up in a family reading-heap, ate dinner in front of the movie, and finished the evening with chocolate pie!  I must report that there were some suspicious footprints across the pie when I went to cut it–and since Dragon is “slightly larger than a big toe” and has an admitted taste for chocolate, he tops the suspect list.  Can’t prove anything, though, since he’s invisible to everyone but Christian, who’s mum on whether Dragon has a chocolate mustache to match his own…

Christian sporting some signs of Slimey's Dirt Pie

This is the same dessert (labeled in our recipe-file as “Mommy’s chocolate pie”) which my mom always made for my birthday–and Christian suggested today that it should be his birthday-treat as well, since his March 14 birthday is “3.14, which should be Pi Day”…  Today we’ve temporarily rechristened it (in honor of yesterday’s post about his life as a worm) “Slimey’s Dirt Pie.”

Christian DID point out to me that yesterday’s reminiscences about nicknames neglected his original nickname, so I’ve promised remedy the omission.  When I was pregnant with him I didn’t find out what “flavor” I was carrying, and rather than referring generically to “the baby” (or worse, “it“) for nine months, I nick-named him Turtle.  (My mom did the same when she was pregnant with me, which is why I’m still “Sam” to my family…)  It’s ironic, actually, that I left out that name for him, because the Turtle is HIS tattoo on my arm.  (Well, the Dragon tattoo is his as well, but it’s the Turtle that has his name on it.)

A bit of Dragon-trivia to close…  I have it on Authority that dragons smell “like books, or root beer, or sweat, or maple syrup–depending on what they’ve been doing.”  And perhaps, on occasion, like chocolate pie.

turtle tattoo
Christian's Turtle tattoo


I am... a writer, an explorer, a coffee-drinker, a recovering addict, a barefoot linguist, a book-dragon ("bookworm" doesn't cover it), a raconteur, a sailboat skipper, a research diver, a tattooed scholar, a pirate, a poet, a spiritual adventurer, a photographer, a few kinds-of-crazy, a joyful wife, a mom... a list-maker! :)

18 thoughts on “A Day of Dragons, with Chocolate Pi

  1. Aloha Kako’u, I must add that on my way home from the restaurant. I was inspired to ho’ohuli the recipe just a little bit…today’s version will feature an Oreo pie shell and the filling will feature Gummy Worms crawling out of it. I’ll let you know if Slimey approves. A Hui Ho’u, Keoni


  2. I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for soooo long. I know what I want to get, but the trick is to find who I want to do it and have the money. Sigh.


    1. WHO is such a critical question! You definitely don’t want to decide someone’s a mediocre artist AFTER they’ve left their work on you. ;)

      If I may offer an unsolicited bit of advice, DON’T be shy about asking people about their art, and who did their work, especially when you see something that strikes a chord with you. As I said in the Tokidoki Barbie post, tattoos truly are a “free pass” to stories and information-sharing with total strangers. :) I have yet to meet a tattooed person (from the sorority-girl with the swishy-stars-tat to the scary-looking biker with heavy ink) who didn’t readily chat about their art when asked. And believe me, this is a “market” I’ve tested most thoroughly! ;) I used to keep a stack of our artist’s business cards behind the register at our restaurant, because so many people asked.

      On the money-topic, I have to confess that the great majority of our ink was “barter”… We ran a tab for our guy at the restaurant (he’s a bachelor, loves my hubby’s cooking, and ate at our restaurant ALL the time) and we just “took it out in trade” for our art. Shh, don’t tell the IRS. ;)


  3. Are you enjoying The Hunger Games? I’ve just finished reading the 2nd one and have to admit, they’re rather good. Not the best writing in the world, but tightly plotted and even pace and tension to keep me interested. Getting the 3rd one soon – and looking forward to the film…


    1. I am! Christian brought the first two home from the school library this weekend (and since he finished them both by 10am Saturday, Mom gets a crack at them too)… I enjoy staying engaged with whatever he’s reading, he enjoys “handling Mom’s reading-list,” and truly, we enjoy a lot of the same reading anyway, which makes recommendations fun in both directions. :)


  4. Gosh that first picture is what I want I’d want my life to be like. Family sit down with books! That’s just wonderful.
    Cute nicknames too; I had really rubbish ones like ‘Oi’ and ‘Toilet Seat’ and I can’t really remember the origins of either. Maybe they were just insults….


  5. Yes, You paint such a nice family time.Makes me miss my kids. They’re all grown up and I have to be happy when they call. See one son once a year due to distance and the other more often but never alone. Always other friends and other step children around. Must remedy that.

    Oh for the love of togetherness. Nice post so near Thanksgiving. Be grateful, OK? This made me appreciate my kids and the times we had and will have. Thanks for posting this.


  6. My daughter, too, complains when the movie doesn’t get the details of the book right. She was downright outraged about the Percy Jackson movie! We both loved the Hunger Games series so we’re crossing our fingers that the movie does it justice.


  7. I liked the Hunger Games series too. It was a good read. I can’t wait until my boys are big enough to all hang out and read together. Alastair gets daddy to read to him for about 45 minutes every night. One of Ephraim’s 15 or so words is “book” and he took his first few unassisted steps at the library! My husband and I just finished reading the Song of Fire and Ice series (the books on which they based the HBO series Game of Thrones). For Halloween this year we convinced the kids to dress up like characters from the books. Ephraim was Rhaegar (a dragon) and Alastair was a sellsword (a knight for hire since none of the sigils on his costume matched). My husband were totally geeking out on the books and how damn cute our kids are.


  8. I love reading and I read a lot :D I’ve got one tatoo on the right side of my belly, just a little ornament :) I always wanted one, so my friend and I went and did it together 6 years ago :) I am very happy with it :)


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