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How to Save Hundreds on Prescriptions (I don’t care if I sound like a bad TV ad… everyone should know about this!)

prescription pills RxWe’re kind of conditioned to believe that something “too good” can’t actually be true…  So when I happen on something TRUE that’s awesome…  Well, I just have to share it!

I know I’m not alone in relying on some prescriptions that are critical to my health (mental and otherwise), and I know I’m not alone in having some really expensive drugs in that line-up, and I know I’m not alone in having insufficient insurance to ease that burden… So I know I won’t be alone in my excitement at finding an actual, viable, lower-cost payment alternative! (And before I go further: no, I’m not getting paid by anyone to share this. I just couldn’t believe that I didn’t know about it till now, and I feel like everyone should!)

Jon and I just got new health insurance, and (glitch glitch) even though we met all the deadlines for coverage to start January 1, it mysteriously didn’t kick in until February 1. That was a nasty surprise when I was standing at the pharmacy on Jan 20 for a refill of my most important insanity-fixer, and a price tag of $665 (for the generic)! Now, we’re good with our budget—but that wasn’t IN the budget.  I ended up going ten days without my meds (Jon watching intently for any sign that I might be going off the deep end) and showed up again, first thing on February 1, to find that even with insurance, we’d still owe $250. Ouch. More manageable for sure, but that’s still a real dent in our monthly budget, and that’s just one of my too-many meds.

…and THAT’s why Jon likes to keep my meds filled!

So I retreated to consider options. I could fill the scrip and we’d adjust our budget; or I could ask for a partial fill to tide me over till I see my psych-doc next week, and ask if there’s an alternative that might be as effective but less expensive; or I could just wait another 7 days without the meds and then ask… Jon made the decision for me: he wasn’t going to have me go any longer without meds. Before heading back to the pharmacy, though, we thought we’d look for any online coupons that might apply… and Jon stumbled onto

I’m betting your reaction will match ours: this thing has got to be in the “too-good-to-be-true” category. Download the app, find your medication, pay (a LOT less) for it through the app, then show your phone at your pharmacy and walk away with your meds. The prescription we’d been discussing was listed at $91. Yeah, right. How the heck could that work?—sounds like a scam!

But… I did my research. And felt my excitement rising as I came across news articles (not ads!) about Blink Health on the New York Times, CBS, Huffington Post, CNBC… This thing looked like it might actually be for real.

Blink Health card
show this at the pharmacy

We decided to take a leap of faith. I downloaded the app, selected my prescription and the correct dosage, paid the $91, and got a payment-receipt on my phone that contained everything the pharmacy would need for billing.

I won’t lie—I was nervous standing in line at the pharmacy, worried they’d look at me like a crazy lady (OK, I am one, but I didn’t want to be crazy-wrong about this) when I tried to pay with my phone-screen…  But the pharmacy tech simply entered the information as if the prescription were being billed to an insurance company (in place of my actual insurance), and announced that I owed zero. I hardly believed it until I was walking away clutching my six-hundred-sixty-five-dollar pill-bottle. Wow, how did I not know about this?

pharmacy prescription receipt
It’s true: “Patient Pay $0.00”

Blink won’t be a help on every prescription I have. My generic Prozac is $4 with my insurance and $6 on Blink Health. The ADHD med I’ve been trying (free sample from the doc) doesn’t have a generic, so it’s still $450 even on Blink. (I’ll be saying “no thanks” to that one—it’s not mission-critical to my sanity.)

So I won’t be using Blink Health every time, but you’d better believe I’m going to check it against my “with-insurance price” EVERY time from now on! And I thought you should know about it too. Pass the word, won’t you?

If you think you might have a use for Blink Health, well, they’re not dumb about marketing. They give new users a link for recommendations that gives the next newbie (as well as the referrer) $15 off a scrip. If you end up ordering and you’d like fifteen bucks off, feel free to use the link: Know that it comes with this disclaimer: they’ll credit me the same $15 they give you—I just don’t want you to think that’s why I told you about it. ;)



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