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On Mobility

fifth wheel weatherproofing
weatherproofed, built up, and staying put. (Or… maybe not…)

I used to say I hated moving, when “moving” involved packing and hauling and unpacking boxes every time… But moving kept happening, even while I said that. I averaged more than a move-a-year in the decade before I married Jon—never mind that with every move I earnestly swore my intention of staying put!

I blamed circumstances for each of those moves, and it’s true that my life has just not followed any “expected script” from one year to the next, and circumstances kept changing after each oath to stay put.

But now I’m kind of shaking my head at myself and wondering if maybe the common denominator in all those moves… might be ME.  Jon and I just made our fourth move, in the year-and-two-weeks we’ve been married.

scuba gear and exercise machine stowed to move…

The difference… is that now we’re actually situated for moving, because we live on wheels. This particular move was entirely spur-of-the-moment, when a location came open that we liked better than ours. We saw the opportunity and made the decision on Friday night, started the move in the morning, and finished by suppertime Saturday.

I’m actually pretty pleased with this one, because it feels like the ultimate test of our mobility. We’d built up a weather-proofing structure around our base with a shed beneath the fifth-wheel nose, and to all appearances we were pretty permanently settled in.

In other words, this move felt like a challenge.

And I do love a challenge. (So did our bemused neighbors, watching all of this…)

hitch up the house and go!

Saturday morning we stowed things inside the house—took down the items on open shelves and tucked away everything on the kitchen counters, strapped down his massive tool boxes in the garage and stowed gear that we didn’t want overturned. We dismantled the structure beneath the rig, numbering all the pieces so we could reassemble them. And then we slid in the tip-outs, hitched up the truck… And away we went!

Jon rebuilt everything by dinner time, while I did a deep “spring cleaning” and then put everything back to rights inside.

We’re tickled with our new spot. At least until next time…

You know what? I think I like moving.


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