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We now PAWS to bring you this Public Service Reminder

Fourth of July pet rescue
Freaked… Fled… and Found

Fourth of July, U.S. Independence Day…   Our guest this afternoon has been a frisky and friendly German Shepherd, who arrived in our yard trailing a broken leash. Given that the leash was attached to a choke collar with metal prongs, he must have really wanted to get away. We figured it had been a frightened-by-fireworks affair.

As it turns out, this day of the year when pets are most likely to freak-and-flee is a day when it’s pretty near impossible to reconnect a runaway with its People.

We checked his tags for a phone number, but only came up with the veterinarian’s number from the Rabies tag. I called, but of course the vet’s office is closed for the holiday. I called the Humane Society to pick him up (figuring that’s where his People would call looking for him), but of course they’re closed for the holiday. I called police dispatch to see if anyone had reported a missing dog; she tried to forward me to Animal Control, but of course they’re closed for the holiday. I called the State Park right by our house (figuring he might have fled from park-picnickers) but of course the Rangers are too busy wrangling revelers to be answering the phone.

Dogs on the Fourth of July
©Burns, image courtesy of

If you are the Person of a Pet, please remember how traumatic firecrackers can be, and keep your fuzzy loved one safe and untroubled. The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has a great list of pet tips for Fourth of July—definitely worth a glance.

I’m thinking of the story my Ex-Husband used to tell, about the time he lost his childhood dog. He grew up on a small island in Micronesia, and eventually retrieved his lost Retriever… who was tied up beside a barbecue pit that was being prepared for him. Happily, a lost dog here is unlikely to meet that particular challenge, but losing him can be traumatic for the whole family, two-legged as well as four-legged members.

I’m happy to report a happy ending today: our guest got reunited with his People, who came searching for him on foot. On that note, here’s wishing everyone a safe and celebratory Fourth!


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18 thoughts on “We now PAWS to bring you this Public Service Reminder

  1. Gosh, this is an important reminder. One of our two dogs is terrfied of any and all loud noises. Happy 4th of July.
    (Sorry to have been away all week. My post tomorrow should explain my absence.)


  2. On a day that we celebrate heroes, I celebrate and salute my own heroes. My ‘Ohana ;) Me Kealoha Pumehana to My Kana The Iguana and Our Keiki


  3. Nice to hear the furry wonderer was found and on the same day. Ugh about the other story with the tied up dog and BBQ being prepared…I can’t bear to repeat it.

    Happy Independence Day. All’s well that ends well.


  4. The canine units are seriously freaked about the outside sky rocket activity.

    I’m not too crazy about it either. Glad the lost dog scenario had a happy ending.

    Happy Independence day.


  5. We have the same problem around Nov 5 when we celebrate Guy Fawkes Night. Poor little Cleo gets freaked out by the fireworks, but over here folks let off fireworks for two weeks around the actual date


  6. Firworks here are far enough away that the cats don’t fret, thank goodness. (Thunderstorms are always a different matter, esp for those who were stray before finding their way to our door.)
    BTW–love The Dragon Biographer!


    1. Your comment startled me–I didn’t think I’d hit “Publish” on that! What you read was my typed transcript of Christian’s chatter this evening… But I intend to add some introduction (and clean up my typing!) before actually putting it on display. Guess I’d better get to house-keeping! Anyway, glad you got a kick out of it, even in its “raw” state! :)


  7. That Keoni has some tales to tell! I guess another Public Service Message would be to think twice when bringing your dog on vacation to a Pacific island!


  8. One of my cats is terrified by the crinkling of plastic bags, so the 4th of July is over-the-top terror for him. I just make sure there are plenty of hidey-holes for him to bolt to.


  9. This is a great post, truly. So glad his people found him. I’d be devastated if my Rosie got lost! She’s one tough chick. She attacks fireworks if you can believe it.


  10. I’m glad he found his People! It was nice of you to look after him. People are still firing off fireworks around here, and it is still freaking out my dog!


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