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Put it on a Bumper Sticker: RV Edition (List#4)

though-we-travel-the-world-over-to-find-the-beautiful-we-must-carry-it-with-us-or-we-find-it-not20Time for another little list! I used to love the idea of a turtle carrying its “home” on its back, and I love the same thing about portability-of-home now that I’m living in an RV! For those of us who can travel with our homes on our backs (or towed behind a truck, anyway), the whole world can be our backyard… Here are some RV bumper-sticker thoughts that appeal…

  • Home is where you park it!
  • Don’t tailgate or I’ll flush
  • This is how we roll!
  • We may be lost, but we’re making good time…
  • If you lived in your car, you’d be home right now
  • Mobile Beach House
  • Think Big, Live Small
  • we never get lost…We just find new places we have never seen before.
  • RV in snow
    it’s a 4WD day in our neighborhood

    We don’t have a schedule and we’re sticking to it.

  • My lifestyle is a lot more fun than your vacation.
  • My way AND the highway!
  • Footloose and foundation-free
  • Collect Memories, not Things
  • No matter where we are, we’re always home
  • Home: Don’t leave home without it

And my favorite…

  • Small House, Big Yard!

(I like to decorate with duct tape. Look what I just found!)



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