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I had my first riding lesson today. Well, okay—“riding” would be overstating the case. But I was moving, and I was alone on the bike!

Jon finds it crazy that I’d never even ridden dirt bikes as a kid (he’s been riding since he was seven!)—and that means everything about biking (except for passenger-ing) is new to me.

I’m completely at home on the back of the bike, doesn’t matter how sharply he maneuvers (man’s got skills!) or how far the bike leans—I’m confident in his skills, and in my perch.

Not surprisingly, it’s a whole different ballgame with the grips in my hands. Shifting with your foot? That’s weird to me.

I’m glad that I’m at least well versed in bicycling (balance and hand brakes—though there’s also a foot-brake involved here), and that I’ve driven a stick-shift car before (so the theory of shifting isn’t new, just the application on a motorcycle). But the rest of this is like learning a new language, with my body!

We went to our church’s private parking lot (since I’m still waiting on the license before I can get the permit before I can take the class before I can get the endorsement—a lovely domino-chain, isn’t it?)… And I spent some time getting the feel for balance—being comfy on the back is different from being responsible for keeping the bike up!

motorcyclist shadowAnd some practice at shifting, getting accustomed to the friction point on the clutch, and easing her forward in first gear… Mostly with my feet walking alongside instead of up on the pegs, just to make sure I was ready to correct if needed.

So those are literally my first baby-steps toward riding…

Last night we took her out on the freeway to stretch her legs!


7 thoughts on “First Solo on the Bike

  1. idahograndy says:

    Wait just a minute. Jon has met me, and he is still surprised that you didn’t ride a dirt bike as a child?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kana Smith says:

      In his worldview, it’s just an obvious part of childhood… but yeah, he doesn’t really have a handle on MY childhood there. ;)


  2. Nothing like riding on your own, go get it!!!!


    1. Kana Smith says:

      I can’t wait to be doing this for real! Though I was pretty happy even duck-walking it around the parking lot, LOL


  3. Always keep the shiny side up.


    1. Kana Smith says:

      Excellent advice! And ME on top, yes? :)


  4. This is so fabulous. :) Rock on!!!


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