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Our grandson Leland, packaged for shipping!

Our oldest Grandson, Leland, evidently spent Christmas Day exasperating his Mommy to her wits’ end.  Our daughter Kulia sounds about ready to leave him at the curb with the wrapping paper, but sent us instead this picture of him ready-to-go with shipping address… (But since UPS won’t airmail four-year-olds, she wonders if we can bop down to California to pick up our package? Please?)

I’ve been known to make smart remarks about advantages of Granny-hood (getting to love on the babies and then hand them back, haha) but in truth I don’t have any room to get smug, since our own youngest is only three years older than her nephews.  Parental relief at bedtime is not a thing of the past in our household either.

God’s wisdom is evident in the transformation of Wee Demons’ faces when they fall asleep.  The angelic appearance of sleeping Little People can go a long way in rehabilitating and replenishing a frustrated and exhausted Mommy’s heart…  Here’s wishing a blessed and restful night of recuperation to all!

courtesy of fbofw.com

11 thoughts on “A Running Start at Next Year’s “Naughty List”

  1. Keoni da Kook says:

    Mele Kalikimaka Kako’u, I’m thinking that this would be a Most Excellent opportunity for negotiations. We will come and get Leland if you throw in Annalia (our granddaughter) , 13 of your homemade tamales and most importantly we get to leave the drum set and any battery powered noise making machines in California.


  2. adalamar says:

    Love your post. And you are so right about the peacefulness of sleeping children. :)


  3. restlessjo says:

    Love it! Am sitting here in the calm of Boxing morning, wondering what comes next. Children long gone in our household but I may go out and find a few at my stepbrothers this afternoon. After the visit to the nursing home to see a lively 95year old!


  4. Pat says:

    I love the photo!


  5. macrush53 says:

    Precious and so true how they transform to angels when sleeping.


  6. Aww how sweet! They do just transform don’t they? My almost – no wait he is 5 today! my 5 yo was having a really rough go and when he fell asleep I got some absolutely precious pictures of him. Now the countdown to grannyhood lol. Lovely post. Happy Holidays
    :-) Peace


  7. granbee says:

    Sleeping angels, indeed. Wish there was a way we could siphon some of that sweetest AND some of the energy into our cranky old selves! Also, thank goodness, I was raised to celebrate all 12 days through to Epiphany. Since my birthday is January 3rd, our family has always continue to keep up all decorations (burning greens on January 6 and leaving out the wisemen until January 7) through January 5. Christmas for us started on Thanksgiving and ended about 6 weeks later! How blessed a childhood I did have –and try to pass on many parts of to my grandchildren!


  8. How do you spell R-E-L-I-E-F? What TIME is it?

    My grandkids are spoiled, spoiled, spoiled but what the heck. Christmas comes but once a year. This year one of them was so sick, we almost didn’t have Christmas.


  9. Nel says:

    That is one cute picture you got there of your grandson. :)


  10. Kristina says:

    Ha ha love the picture, very cute :)


  11. eof737 says:

    He looks adorable!


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