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National Procrastination Day

For those of us who start our taxes ON April 15, the rare year when April 15 falls on a Sunday is something to celebrate...A whole extra day to procrastinate!

And this year we get another whole day, thanks to Washington D.C.’s Emancipation holiday tomorrow.  Add in the fact that it’s Leap Year–which bumped the dates back yet another day–and it’s a triple triumph for the tarrying taxpayer! Today I have more important things to do. Like write an article on how to apply for jobs at Burger King.  And now that the weather’s warming up, my toenails need to be painted…

~Mark Twain


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15 thoughts on “National Procrastination Day

  1. I’m the king of the procrastinators. Although I do feel like I got a head start when I did my taxes on Saturday. I would’ve waited until Monday but I have other stuff I put off till Monday to do last from last week.

    “You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood.
    What mood is that?
    Last-minute panic.” — Bill Watterson


  2. Why procrastinate when they’re paying me money? I did mine months ago as I wanted to spend some and start earning interest on the rest. Now, if you owe the government, then I guess it’s a different story.


  3. I did my federal taxes last night, April 15th. I’ll mosey along to the state tax form tonight. Don’t want to rush. :-)

    Love the procrastination picture!


  4. Taxes are such a pain! I wish there was a system whereby we didn’t have to do them -.- Sigh!

    I am waiting for them to pay up now! :D haha


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