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One of the most amazing things about blogging is the network of FRIENDS I’ve found here–people I know and love even though I haven’t “technically” met them. One of those dear friends is Kathryn McCullough, whose post on a “Very Bloggy Wedding” (where blogging-friends PLANNED the wedding, and then attended, meeting the blogging-bride in person for the first time) is a perfect example of how blogging truly changes our lives and friendships… Click the link here to see her post–it’s a MUST-read. :)

Kathryn M. McCullough

God knows where she got the idea.

It could have been a case of matrimonial dementia.  Maybe a madness triggered by long hours of high-stakes toddler-tending and potty training.

Whatever its origin, it proved to be an episode of insanity whose symptoms included both bloggerly excess and bridal distress.

It took the form of something my friend Tori termed the “Very Bloggy Wedding,” destined to revolutionize the worlds of wedding planning and WordPress applications alike.

(Both blogger and bride-to-be, beware.)

So, it was that Tori asked readers of “The Ramblings” to plan her upcoming nuptials, selecting via weekly vote everything from bridemaids’ dresses to bouquets and launching both the traditions of reception ribbon walls and cowboy boot center-pieces.

And so it was, as well, that I, a virtual stranger, was designated the unlikely Very Bloggy Wedding correspondent and asked to report to Tori’s readers the Very Bloggy events I witnessed– to assure them their selections had mattered when it came…

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  1. I have fantasies of celebrating my next book publication day with all my blogging friends. Love this reblogged post on “A very bloggy wedding”–it was a great success, I think!


  2. Kana, thank so much for reblogging this. Tori’s wedding was so much fun. And like you, she’s dear, dear, dear. So glad you appreciated this post enough to share it with your own readers! Hope we can “meet” some day!


    1. I have a feeling it’s in the cards! (Here’s a fun scenario, also wedding-related… A blogger-meet-up in California, where Kathy and Sarah could apply for a marriage license, and Pastor Kana could perform the ceremony…)
      Just a thought…but a pleasant one! ;)
      Hugs to both of you!


  3. Hi,
    What a fantastic post, I clicked over and had a read, it turned out so beautifully, and how wonderful everyone got together and arranged this, I loved it, and it does prove that through blogging we can meet so many wonderful people. :D


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