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(List#5) Things I Love About Lists

One of my (MANY) journal-lists…

My journal is full of lists. To-do lists, a packing list for our Christmas trip, lists of words (did you know that “glazomania” means “a passion for list-making”?)…  Yes, I almost just embarked on a comprehensive list of my lists. What IS it about lists that I love so much? Continue reading “(List#5) Things I Love About Lists”

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Put it on a Bumper Sticker: RV Edition (List#4)

though-we-travel-the-world-over-to-find-the-beautiful-we-must-carry-it-with-us-or-we-find-it-not20Time for another little list! I used to love the idea of a turtle carrying its “home” on its back, and I love the same thing about portability-of-home now that I’m living in an RV! For those of us who can travel with our homes on our backs (or towed behind a truck, anyway), the whole world can be our backyard… Here are some RV bumper-sticker thoughts that appeal… Continue reading “Put it on a Bumper Sticker: RV Edition (List#4)”

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Entering the Lists

list3My notebook is bent, battered, and buckled, every kind of abused but bruised.  The covers crease from frequent folding, and tags & stickies protrude from its pages. I’ve had it for all of three weeks.

The notebook serves as a journal, but it its pages have also filled with sketches, blog-post brainstorms, A.A. Stepwork, notes from group sessions and church sermons, quotes and definitions related to writing-topics, comparisons of health insurance plans, my checkbook register, ledgers tracking my freelance writing pay and my hotspot data-usage…  And LISTS. Lots of lists.

Some to-do lists are sprinkled through there, but those aren’t the most common denomination. The weirder ones don’t have an obvious purpose. Since I keep making them, though, I surely hope there’s something accomplished in the writing of them. I’m just not entirely sure WHAT.  Continue reading “Entering the Lists”